Once you have downloaded  the archive, squidGothic.zip , double-click it to open/unarchive it. You will then have a folder named “squidGothic” which contains three files:

1. squidGothic_Applications.icontainer
2. squidGtochic_System.icontainer
3. Cathode_vol1_copyright.rtf *

The icontainers are for use with Panic Software’s  CandyBar , a program which allows you to change your OS X system and application icons in batches. There is  more information regarding Candybar . (The first 25 uses or 15 days (whichever comes first) of CandyBar are free. After that, CandyBar’s functionality will be impaired until you fork over \$13 (US)).

Here is a sample of the icons in squidGothic_Applications.icontainer:

BBEdit icon CandyBar icon iMovie icon iTune icon Photoshop CS icon





Photoshop CS

I designed these icons to be as color-neutral as possible. One aesthetic downer of a default OS X installation is all that blue clouding the interface. I much prefer the crispness of neutral hues (I am not talking about beige nor this web site).

* The icons in squidGothic_System are not mine. They are copyrighted by  Solsonic Studios . You may  download them directly  from  interfacelift.com .